Upa Neguinho- Yoginis Live MP3
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Flor Do Domingo  YouTube Video
From: yogismusicworld 
Composer Burt Boice, performed by Yogi and the Yoginis at Soulfood Books, Redmond WA Jan 10 2010
Songbird slide show video
Band Personell:
Ed Mays - drums
Samia Panni - Vocals & Percussion
Bob Antolin - alto & soprano sax
Yogi McCaw - keys
Johnny Conga - Percussion
Burt Boice - electric bass
Tor Dietrichson - Percussion [Gassworks]

Yoginis India Project Video WMV
Produced by Pirate TV Seattle

New Fusion Band
Track 1- Arjun MP3 (full version)12:38
Track 2 - Studio Improv WMA   23:15 pt. 1 Dixie Jam,
pt. 2 In a Silent Way, pt. 3 Make Mine Samba
These tracks are improvisations recorded live in the studio 5/26/08.
I'm struck by how well this group worked together. These improvisations
are so compositional that they almost sound like actual tunes.
Ed Mays - Drums
Randy Clere - Stick and 5 String Bass
Bob Antolin - Guitar, Sax, and Flute
Yogi McCaw - Piano
John Ferrer- Guitars

The Mentalmen
More Music by Accident
Apoptosis Tu WMA 30:20
Ed Mays - Drums
Pat Stone - Guitars
Brad Hill - Bass

The African Knights
Demo 9:31
Recorded by the Blues To Do crew 10/29/10