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Shows Available from Pirate Television

Pirate Television is a weekly 58 min television program
nationally syndicated on Free Speech TV.  In addition it is broadcast on several  Public Access stations in the US.  Pirate TV challenges the Media Blockade by bringing you alternative information and independent programming that is unavailable on the Corporate Sponsor-Ship.  The show features talks, interviews and documentaries.  The purpose of Pirate TV is to put back what corporate media filter out.

These links are to the online version of these programs which are usually longer than the broadcast versions. Some of the material seen on Pirate TV is obtained from other sources but most of it is locally produced and owned by us.  We are offering to sell copies of this material to support the operation.  If you would like to support the Pirate Television project you can obtain a copy of any of these discs for a $20 donation (includes postage) in advance.  Many shows more than 10 years old were uploaded to the server as WMV files.  Due to the outragious cost of storing these, I have had to remove them from the server.  So if you click on the thumbnail and get "File Not Found", you can copy the show name and search on Archive.org.  It might be there.  If not, I will send you the WMV file for $2.00.  To obtain media, contact me by email:


We like to expand Pirate Television to other broadcast venues.  If you would like to get on the Pirate Television schedule notification list-serve, or if you have questions, drop us a line.

Shows are listed in reverse chronological order:

The Cold War Truth Commission part 6: The Cold War on the Mind, TRT :58  recorded 3/21/21
The Cold War Truth Commission part 6: The Cold War on the Mind, Monday 1/10/21 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/6 2pm PST

The Cold War Truth Commission exposes U.S. illegal and immoral actions in the name of Anti-communism at home and abroad. And shows how today's pervasive violence and injustice-both at home and abroad-is intimately tied up to the perpetration of the Cold War. Without truth about the U.S. Cold War, there can be no true Reconciliation for our times.
This week, the sixth installment- The Cold War on the Mind, features:

*Jeff Cohen- U.S. News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy
*Peter McLaren- The US Cold War Against Liberation Theology
*Gail Walker- Lucius Walker: The Legacy of a Visionary Pastor for Peace
*Emily Dorrel- TikTok: A Warning on American Hypocrisy
*Alma Bruhnke- The Pledge of Allegiance, “God” and the US Cold War
*Marcy Winograd- The Cold War in the US Classroom
*Eric Mann Combating Anti-Communism in the 1960s

The program hosts are Rachel Bruhnke of Witness For Peace Southwest and Frank Dorrel of ADDICTED To WAR.

Endorsers: CODEPINK, WORLD BEYOND WAR, ROOTSACTION, KPFK 90.7 FM Radio, Veterans For Peace, CovertAction Magazine, Media Freedom Foundation, Project Censored, PeaceWorkers, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space, School of The Americas Watch, Harriet Tubman Center For Social Justice, Anti-Racist Action, COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition, Women Against Military Madness & ADDICTED To WAR

Thanks to Witness For Peace Southwest, CODEPINK & Addicted To War. Recorded March 21st 2021

Free Speech TV Schedule:

The War On Terror is Put on Trial, The Belmarsh Tribunal: Free Julian Assange -Part Two

1/10/22 The Cold War Truth Commission part 6: The Cold War on the Mind

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