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Pirate Television is a weekly 58 min television program nationally syndicated on Free Speech TV.  In addition it is broadcast on several  Public Access stations in the US.  Pirate TV challenges the Media Blockade by bringing you alternative information and independent programming that is unavailable on the Corporate Sponsor-Ship.  The show features talks, interviews and documentaries.  The purpose of Pirate TV is to put back what corporate media filter out.

Some of the material seen on Pirate TV is obtained from other sources but much of it is locally produced and owned by us.  We are offering to sell copies of this material to support the operation.  If you would like to support the Pirate Television project you can obtain a copy of any of these discs for a $20 donation (includes postage) in advance.  Many shows more than 10 years old were uploaded to the server as WMV files.  Due to the outragious cost of storing these, I have had to remove them from the server.  So if you click on the thumbnail and get "File Not Found", you can copy the show name and search on 

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Shows are listed in reverse chronological order:

Bradley Onishi: White Christian Nationalism and the War on American Democracy, TRT :58  recorded 1/19/23
Bradley Onishi: White Christian Nationalism and the War on American Democracy, Monday 1/30/23, 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/26 2pm PST

Bradley Onishi reads from and talks about in his latest book, "Preparing for War: the Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism and What Comes Next", in which he takes a deep dive into the subject of White Christian Nationalism. There's no better person to hear it from than someone who is a former cult victim himself. Converted to Megachurch Evangelicalism at the age of 14, by the age of 20 he was married and in charge of a 200 student youth group. He now teachers and researches Christian nationalism, the history of Evangelicalism, race and racism in American religion, gender, sex, masculinity, and secularism and secularity at the University of San Francisco and co-hosts the "Straight White American Jesus" podcast which gets 4 million downloads a month.

Onishi takes a look at the violence and extremism that propelled the insurrection at the US capital on January 6th as echoed in the recent siege in Brasilia from the inside out. Using his own experience as an evangelical insider and as a scholar of religion he traces it back to the rise of the religious right in the 50s and 60s and offers some historical analysis and insight into this violet movement that plagues our country and the world.

Thanks to Elliot Bay Books

recorded 1/19/23

John Mark Dougan and Maria Lelyanova: Cognitive Dissonance, TRT :58  recorded 1/7/23
John Mark Dougan and Maria Lelyanova: Cognitive Dissonance, Monday 1/16/23, 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/12 2pm PST

John Mark Dugan is an expatriate American investigative video-journalist/podcaster based in Russia reporting on the Civil War in Ukraine from the front lines of the Donbass. This is his powerful interview with Maria Lelyanova, who had been a fierce Russian, anti-war protester. The iron-curtain (if it ever really existed) dissolved long ago. Russians, contrary to what many Americans believe, are not isolated and are well aware of the western media propaganda narrative and what people who believe that narrative think about their country, especially those Russians that speak English. Maria, who has close ties with Ukraine (like most Russians) had been listening to mostly what she called "pro Ukraine" sources and had strong beliefs. Dugan convinced her to go to the Donbass as his translator and see things for herself. The result is one of the most remarkable examples of cognitive dissonance I have ever seen. What does it take to confront the fact that everything you believe is 180% the opposite of reality?

The civil war in the Donbass that has been going since 2014 (when the war actually began) is the key to understanding the conflict in Ukraine. That's why you never hear a thing about it in the western press and no
mainstream reporters report from there. To do that, you must rely on a handfull of intrepid American and western journalists who live there like John Dugan, Eva Bartlett, George Eliason, Regis Tremblay, and Patrick Lancaster who show you what's actually happening on the ground- the only way you will ever know.

See also the interview with Vlad Deinego: https://youtu.be/QDQgNikJI8s

Links for John Dougan: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@JohnMarkDougan-BadVolf
Telegram: https://t.me/BadVolfNews
WhatsApp: +7 903 220 0175

Recorded 8/16/22 and 1/7/23
Thanks to BadVolfNews

Ben Norton: The CIA, The Coup in Peru, and the Growing Rebellion, TRT :58  recorded 12/15/22
Ben Norton: The CIA, The Coup in Peru, and the Growing Rebellion, Monday 1/9/23, 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/5 2pm PST

In this episode of Pirate TV, we are going to take an in-depth look at the latest United States sponsored regime change operation in Latin America. That is the recent overthrow of the leftist government of President Pedro Castillo in Peru that happened December 7th 2022. We are going to share a presentation by Ben Norton, an investigative journalist based in Latin America who has previously written and worked for Salon, AlterNet, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), The Real News network and The Intercept. He has appeared on Sky News, Al Jazeera, Democracy Now! and many others. He is the editor of the independent news website Multipolarista. And I must say, if you're not familiar with Multipolarista, then you need to be checking that out. It's one of the best sources of investigative journalism regarding US foreign policy out there. This video features Ben talking about his recent exposé in Multipolarista titled "Peru coup: CIA agent turned US ambassador met with defense minister day before president overthrown".

The goal of Pirate TV has always been to "put back what corporate media filters out". In this endeavor we want to feature courageous independent investigative journalists like Ben Norton who not only are systematically "disappeared" by the mainstream corporate and social media but shadow-banned and targeted to be cut off from funding. Please check out Multipolarista.com. If you like what you see, subscribe and kick in some support if you can afford it. Support independent media!

Thanks to Ben Norton
Recorded 12/15/22 and 1/1/23

The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine part 3, TRT :58  recorded 11/19/22
The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine part 3, Monday 1/2/23, 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 12/29 2pm PST

This is the third part of the historic assembly that happened November 19th 2022 at the People’s Forum in New York City, edited for TV, calling for a people’s movement to rise up for a negotiated settlement in Ukraine. The event was hosted by Manolo De Los Santos of The People’s Forum and featured many extraordinary speakers such as Medea Benjamin, Noam Chomsky, Jill Stein, Brian Becker, Vijay Prashad, & Eugene Puryear. We are broadcasting excerpts of the event in multiple parts. 

“The moment is now to inaugurate a new, multi-national, grassroots movement to advocate for the end to the current war in Ukraine. The stakes are too real and the dangers too great for the peoples of the word to remain on the sidelines. Anti-war forces in the United States and across the world may have different analyses of Russia, Ukraine, and this tragic war, but we can unite around one thing: there is no road to peace if US government policy remains to obstruct negotiations and send endless weapons into the war zone. We, people of conscience, are coming together to demand that there be a radical shift in the direction of US military and foreign policy. NATO expansion must end. Money must be spent on education, healthcare, and housing, not the war machine. We demand peace, not war. Join us!” 

Speakers in this episode include: Eugene Puryear, Breakthrough News 
Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research 

Thanks to the Co-Hosts: THE PEOPLE’S FORUM: https://peoplesforum.org and The ANSWER Coalition: www.answercoalition.org 
You can watch the entire event at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asndac1ETFk