As part of YES! Magazine’s third annual celebration and fundraiser, internationally renowned biodiversity and global-justice activist, author, and philosopher Vandana Shiva outlines the future of food if it is to sustain us all.  In this talk Dr. Shiva outlines the real reasons why the giant multinational food monopolies are forcing Genetically Modified Organisms [GMOs] down our throats, why it is dangerous, and why we need to stop it right here in Washington State by passing I-522 which will mandate GMO labeling.

Thanks to Yes Magazine and Seattle Town Hall

Pirate TV Special Broadcast:
Seattle City Second Candidate Debate, TRT  1:20  recorded 9/17/13
Seattle City Second Candidate Debate, 9/24/13

The race is starting to heat up as you can tell from this is video from the latest debate held 9/17/13 at the Garfield Community Center which features Socialist candidate Kshama Sawant debating City Councilman Richard Conlin, Mayor Mike McGinn and his opponent Ed Murray, Councilwoman Sally Bagshaw and her challenger Sam Bellomio, and Councilman Mike O'Brien and his opponent Albert Shen.

Thanks to The Garfield Community Center

Cameras were by Todd Boyle and J Glenn Evans
Edited by Ed Mays and Todd Boyle

Pirate TV Web Exclusive:
Rep. Jim McDermott: Town Hall Forum on Bombing Syria, TRT  1:18  recorded 9/8/13
Rep. Jim McDermott: Town Hall Forum on Bombing Syria

U.S Rep. Jim McDermott invited his district to speak out on the idea of bombing Syria, Sep. 8 2013 in Seattle and they gave their thoughts.  This video is of the entire event and includes clips from the local TV news broadcasts at the end for comparison.

Camera by Todd Boyle