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Some of the material seen on Pirate TV is obtained from other sources but most of it is locally produced and owned by me. I am offering to sell copies of this material to support the operation.  If you would like to support the Pirate Television project or just would like a copy of the show, you can obtain a copy of any of these shows for a $20 donation (includes postage).  To obtain DVDs, contact me directly.  Sorry, online purchases are not possible at this time.

Pirate TV Funding Update 1/9/13

We are currently in the process of securing grants from several progressive foundations.  It's looking good and the goal is to have a secure base of funding established by summer 2013.  In the mean time there are always costs associated with producing a weekly nationally syndicated TV show.  Contributions are always welcome and needed.  Send contributions by check. Contact info is on the Contact Page.

Honorable mention:

I'd like to acknowledge a few of the generous supporters of Pirate Television over the years:

Greg Palast
David Barsamian
Citizens for Overt Action
The Foundation for the Future
Seattle Laptop
The Sustainable Path Foundation
Morris Berman
A Sharp Music Company
Elliott Bay Bookstore
Seattle Town Hall
Todd Boyle
J. Glenn Evans- Poets West
Christine Hawkes
Barbara Zepeda
Rev. Rich Lang
Gerri Haynes
Richard Silverstein
Margaret Casey
Roy Alin
Sylvia Haven
Lisa Saunders
Ben Collet
Richard Yount
Fred Morris- Internet Plumber
Terry McCaw
Mitch Hofferber
John Parnell
Ken Slusher
Carl Chatski
Landon Hendee
Janice Faris
Paul J Rood
G Scott Freutel
Pat Maguire

Thank you all for watching and keeping independent media alive!

Ed Mays

Producer/Director, Pirate TV Seattle