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Some of the material seen on Pirate TV is obtained from other sources but most of it is locally produced and owned by me.  You can watch the stuff produced in the last decade for free on You Tube, Archive.org or by downloading the older ones as WMV files.  Many times people want a hard copy.  You can obtain a copy of any of these shows for a $20 donation (includes postage).  To obtain DVDs, contact me directly and send me a check.  Sorry, I'm low tech. Online purchases are not possible at this time.

Pirate TV Funding

Pirate TV has been producing a TV show every week for over 20 years.  This is well over a thousand shows.  The mission is to "put back" what corporate media filters out.  I produce the book talk and lecture content for Free Speech TV -the best channel on television- as well as provide content for Alternative Radio.   Contrary to what you might think, I don't get paid for this.  In fact it's the opposite.  I support the cause of independent media by providing the very best content.  Producing Pirate TV is almost a full time job and I have to live centrally in Seattle which has the highest rising housing costs in the country to do this.  I have been getting most of my funding for the past few years from a very small grant, this year a got a third less.  I would rather not solicit donations by having fundraisers.  I'm so busy that I would have to hire someone to do that which I think would be counterproductive. Finding more grants turns out to be much the same.  I don't have time.  You will notice that I don't monetize my You Tube content.  Most of the money goes to You Tube -an evil media monopoly.  I would rather use them than have them use me.  And I would rather that my programs not be constantly interrupted by commercials.  There are thousands of people who watch and appreciate Pirate TV. If you are one of them, why not kick in a little bit to support this media activism?  It doesn't take much.  You'll feel better!  Pirate TV goes to 40m households on Free Speech TV via Direct and Dish TV and other outlets.  Many of these viewers live in rural red state areas where access to high speed internet or any non corporate, or [non right wing] propaganda media for that matter is severely limited.  I even get calls from Puerto Rico!

Contributions are always welcome and needed.  To send contributions by check, contact info is on the Contact Page.  You can also send via Pay Pal.  Just use the Pirate TV email address: PirateTVSeattle@gmail.com.
Thank you so much in advance!

Honorable mention:

I'd like to acknowledge a few of the generous supporters of Pirate Television over the years:

Greg Palast
David Barsamian
Citizens for Overt Action
The Foundation for the Future
Seattle Laptop
The Sustainable Path Foundation
Morris Berman
A Sharp Music Company
Elliott Bay Bookstore
Seattle Town Hall
Todd Boyle
J. Glenn Evans- Poets West
Christine Hawkes
Barbara Zepeda
Rev. Rich Lang
Gerri Haynes
Richard Silverstein
Margaret Casey
Roy Alin
Sylvia Haven
Lisa Saunders
Ben Collet
Richard Yount
Fred Morris- Internet Plumber
Terry McCaw
Mitch Hofferber
John Parnell
Ken Slusher
Carl Chatski
Landon Hendee
Janice Faris
Paul J Rood
G Scott Freutel
Pat Maguire

Thank you all for watching and keeping independent media alive!

Ed Mays

Producer/Director, Pirate TV Seattle