About Pirate Television

Pirate TV challenges the Media Blockade, bringing you independent voices, information and programming unavailable on the Corporate Sponsor-Ship.  The show features talks, interviews and documentaries. The series, originally called “Crack the CIA” focused on exposing the secret foreign policy of the United States and the phony drug war but as the subject matter of the program expanded it was decided to drop the “Crack the CIA” moniker in 1999 and just call the show “Pirate Television”.

Pirate Television Production Company was started in 1997 and produces an award winning weekly 58 minute cable television series that is broadcast nationally on Free Speech TV every weekday at 8pm PST. The show is also simulcast on public access TV channel 77 in Seattle and runs on other community access stations throughout the US.  The 58 min programs are stored on Archive.org for download in various formats for broadcasters.  Hint: to find lots more go to the search box and type in PirateTVSeattle.  Many older shows that were once accessable on this server as wmv files will come up.  If you click on a thumbnail on this site and get the dreaded "file not found", you can always copy the title and search for it on Archive.  Now days the shows are stored on YouTube.  Many times the YouTube shows [linked on this site] will be longer versions.

Pirate TV has also been collaborating for over 20 years to provide content for David Barsamian’s outstanding Alternative Radio series that runs on NPR and community radio stations throughout the US and Canada.  Pirate TV is carried on KODX Seattle 96.9 FM and KBFG 107.3 FM Seattle as well as other FM stations.

Pirate Television is produced by me, Ed Mays as a form of political / media activism.  I got involved in public access television back in the early 90s as a program originator for the Alternative Information Network project which produced the first nationally syndicated public access program-"Alternative Views".  This program won many awards over its 17 year run and eventually aired in several countries.

I was an original member of the Seattle Independent Media Coalition (SIMC) which eventually morphed into the first ever Independent Media Center created to give independent (non-corporate) media coverage of the 1999 Seattle WTO rebellion.  I'm proud to say that it was me and my friends from SIMC who dreamed up and with help from activists who streamed in from all over the country, built the IMC in Seattle which spawned a world wide movement.  IMCs were a thing for a while until the whole internet became an IMC.

Pirate Television continues to produce outstanding programming creating a much needed antidote to the corporate filter by featuring progressive authors, intellectuals, politicians, independent  media figures, activists, scientists, musicians, and other intriguing personalities as well as documentaries rarely seen on TV.

Pirate TV is free to community access stations and other broadcasters.  If you are interested in showing Pirate TV in your area, please contact me directly via the contact page.

Ed Mays

Producer, Pirate Television

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